Seminars and Presentations

Tax experts from the department are available to provide tax seminars and presentations throughout the state. 

We teach tax seminars on the following topics for small business owners through the Small Business Center Network, which is part of the N.C. Community College System:

  • Tax Implications for Starting A Business: Get your business off on the right foot by complying with North Carolina tax laws from the beginning. Learn about topics ranging from the proper registration of your business to how to handle complicated withholding challenges to how to pay the right amount of property taxes. This seminar will give you all the information you need on your state tax obligations, freeing up your time to focus on growing the business.
  • Withholding 101: Make sure you understand your withholding obligations when you hire new employees. You will also learn about the difference between hiring someone as a contractor or an employee.
  • Sales and Use Tax 101: Learn all the basics of sales and use taxes. This seminar is ideal for retailers, or any business that wants to sell.
  • Common Interactions with DOR: Responding to an audit...appealing a judgment...getting help to file your taxes...even finding the right forms. Learn all about the common interactions you might have with the N.C. Department of Revenue.
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