North Carolina Tax Debtors

The North Carolina Department of Revenue has a duty and responsibility to collect and account for State tax revenues. The Department takes this responsibility very seriously. The majority of individuals and businesses file their returns and pay their taxes timely. However, there are those who have not paid taxes lawfully owed. As a result, costs associated with collecting past due accounts are passed on to those who pay their taxes on time.

As part of the collection process, The North Carolina Department of Revenue is publishing the names of individuals and businesses that owe delinquent taxes to North Carolina. The Department has attempted to collect the tax debt listed by using all lawful means available to the agency.

A Certificate of Tax Liability (CTL) or tax lien has been recorded in each case listed. This recording allows the Department to make public all information appearing on this site. Further, each debtor listed was notified by certified mail of the Department's intention to include their name prior to publication. Each debtor was also given the opportunity to settle the debt prior to listing.

If you wish to have your name removed from this list, you should contact the Department of Revenue to make arrangements to pay the debt. You may call a representative of the Department toll-free at 1-877-252-3252 or visit the Collection Division Office nearest you.

This will be an ongoing program and additional names will be added periodically. To ensure that your name does not appear on this list, please comply with all North Carolina tax laws by filing and paying state taxes on time.