2004 Corporate Tax Forms and Instructions


S Corporation Tax Return - traditional, instructions
CD-405 C Corporation Tax Return - traditional, instructions
CD-418 Cooperative or Mutual Association - traditional   
CD-425 Corporate Tax Credit Summary - traditional  
CD-429B Underpayment of Estimated Tax by C Corporations  traditional
NC-414 Income Tax Credit for Use of North Carolina Ports  traditional 
Tax Credit General Instructions - instructions
NC-478 Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of Tax - traditional, instructions
NC-478A Tax Credit - Creating New Jobs - traditional, instructions
NC-478B Tax Credit - Investing in Machinery and Equipment  traditional, instructions
NC-478C Tax Credit - Research and Development -  traditional, instructions
NC-478D Tax Credit - Worker Training  traditional, instructions
NC-478E Tax Credit - Investing in Central Administrative Office Property - traditional, instructions
NC-478F Tax Credit - Investing in Business Property - traditional, instructions
NC-478G Tax Credit - Investing in Renewable Energy Property -  traditional, instructions
NC-478H Tax Credit - Low Income Housing - traditional, instructions
NC-478I Tax Credit - Research and Development -   traditional, instructions
Credit History Table - example
CD-479 North Carolina Annual Report for Business Corporations -  fill-in
NC-480 Tax Credit - Development Zone Projects - traditional 
NC K-1 (For Form CD-401S) Shareholder's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits - traditional