Corporate Income Tax Forms and Instructions

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archived forms


CD-429 Corporate Estimated Income Tax - eFile, pay online, personalized form
CD-401S S Corporation Tax Return - eFileinstructions
CD-405 C Corporation Tax Return - eFileinstructions 
CD-405 CW Combined Corporate Income Tax Worksheet - eFile, instructions
CD-418 Cooperative or Mutual Association - eFile 
CD-419 Application for Extension for Franchise and
Corporate Income Tax - eFilefile and/or pay online, personalized form
CD-425 Corporate Tax Credit Summary - eFile 
CD-429B Underpayment of Estimated Tax by C Corporations
CD-479 North Carolina Annual Report for Business Corporations (not yet available for eFile) - file online (recommended for all business corporations and required for Limited Liability Companies, LLCs, and Limited Liability Partnerships. LLPs) with the Secretary of State ($18.00 online filing fee with an additional $2.00 electronic filing fee), or, file via paper with NCDOR ($25.00 filing fee); see form instructions for details
CD-V Franchise and Corporate Payment Vouchers - eFile, pay online, personalized form
CD-V Amended Amended Franchise and Corporate Payment Vouchers - eFilepay online, personalized form
NC-EDU North Carolina Education Endowment Fund Contribution - eFile, personalized form
NC-Rehab Tax Credit – 2016 Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits - eFile, instructions
Gen. Instr.
Tax Credit General Instructions
NC-478 Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of Tax - eFile, instructions
NC-478G Tax Credit - Investing in Renewable Energy Property - eFile, instructions
NC-478J Tax Credit - Creating Jobs - eFile, instructions
NC-478K Tax Credit - Investing in Business Property - eFile, instructions
NC-478L Tax Credit - Investing in Real Property - eFile, instructions
Pass-through Schedule for NC-478 Series - eFile
NC-AC Business Address Correction
NC-BN Out-of-Business Notification
NC K-1 (For Form CD-401S) Shareholder's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits - eFile
NC-NA (For Form CD-401S) Nonresident Shareholder Agreement - attach as PDF to eFiled CD-401S