Web Fill-in Form Instructions

  • For optimal viewing, printing and processing of the forms, please use a recent version of the free Adobe Reader software. The Internet Explorer web browser is recommended for using the forms. If viewing the forms in another web browser, please visit Adobe's PDF plug-in help page for information about enabling Adobe Reader.
  • You must complete the web fill-in forms by using your computer to enter the required information.
  • Do not mix pages from web fill-in forms with pages from other types of forms such as software generated forms, preprinted forms or forms from booklets.
  • Do not handwrite any information.
  • Do not submit photocopies of returns. Submit original returns only.
  • Do not use brackets for negative numbers on returns. Use a minus sign to show that the amount is negative (Example: -112345.00).
  • Do not select "no graphics" options on your printer.
  • Set Page Scaling to "none". The Auto-Rotate and Center checkbox should be unchecked.
  • Do not use commas when entering amounts.