2013 Business Personal Property
Listing Form and Related Schedules


2013 County Business Personal Property Listing Form and Instructions traditional, fill-in
Schedule B-1 Unregistered Motor Vehicles, Multi-Year Trailers, Special Motor Vehicle Bodies - Schedule B-1 Instructions, Spreadsheet, PDF
Schedule B-2 Watercraft and Engines for Watercraft
Schedule B-3 Mobile Homes and Offices
Schedule B-4 Aircraft
Schedule C-1 Leased Property or Property in Your Possession Owned by Others
Schedule E-1 Farm Equipment
Schedule G-1 Acquisitions and Disposals Detail
Schedule H-1 Real Estate Improvements
Schedule I-1

Billboards - Outdoor Advertising Structures/Instructions - Schedule I-1 Instructions, Spreadsheet, PDF

Billboard Structures Valuation Guide

Schedule J-1 Leased Equipment Schedule (Excel format)
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Form AV-59 Taxpayer Agent Authorization
Electronic Listing of Personal Property