How To Use Fill-In Forms

*We have discovered that users of Internet Explorer version 4 sometimes experience problems with downloading our forms. We recommend upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer or using a Netscape browser.

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  1. Download Acrobat Reader

    You must have version 4.0 or higher of Adobe's Acrobat Reader to use a fill-in form. Click here to go to Adobe's website and download the Acrobat Reader.  Follow the instructions on the Adobe site on how to install the Acrobat Reader onto your computer.

  2. Download Fill-In Form or Instructions

    Click on the name of the fill-in form, instructions, or tax table that you want to download. The fill-in forms are listed under "Downloads" to the right.

    Acrobat Toolbar Functions

    When you install the Acrobat Reader and download a fill-in form, you will see a toolbar at the top of the document like this:

    Se.jpg (4787 bytes)

    You need to use only a few of these buttons to complete a fill-in form.  The buttons you need to use are explained below.

    Hand Tool.jpg (1220 bytes)
    The Hand Tool will most likely be pre-selected the first time you use Acrobat Reader. This tool allows you to fill in the tax forms online. This tool is selected when the cursor appears in the shape of a hand like the one pictured on the button.

    With a fill-in form on the screen, move the hand tool over a portion of the form to be filled in. You will notice that the hand icon changes to a text icon, which looks like a capital letter I. This means that this is an area of the form that you are able to fill in using your keyboard. After you fill in that text box, move your mouse to another field to fill it in. Note: You may also use the TAB button on your keyboard to advance to the next field.

    Zoom Tools.jpg (1466 bytes)
    The Zoom Tools allow you to change the current view of the form displayed. Depending on your monitor size, you may need to use the + Zoom Tool to get a better view of the form.

    Page Tools.jpg (1712 bytes)
    The first button moves you directly to the first page of the current form. The second button moves you back one page on the current form. The third button moves you one page forward on the current form. The fourth button moves you directly to the last page of the current form.

    "Fill-In" Form Functions

    The following tools are embedded in each fill-in form.

    Form Print Button.jpg (1972 bytes)
    Use this button to print your form once you have filled it in.   It is important to use this button to print your form because it registers the data and ensures that all changes will be printed.Check the form to be sure that all lines are printed legibly.

    Remember to sign the form before you mail it to us! Print an extra copy for your records.

    Form Clear Button.jpg (2072 bytes)
    Use this button to clear all of the data to be printed on the form. Be careful not to press this button during your Fill-In activities, as this will delete all data. If you need to change one field, highlight the field with your cursor and re-enter the data.

    Check Boxes.jpg (3071 bytes)
    To mark a check box, move your Hand Tool over a box and click your left mouse button. To unmark the box, move the cursor over the box and click again.

    Drop Down Menus.jpg (2609 bytes)
    A drop-down menu appears when you click on the grey box. Choose the correct entry from the menu by highlighting the entry.

    Form Hyperlink.jpg (6236 bytes)
    A Form Hyperlink takes you directly to the place indicated in the box. To get back to your starting point, use the Page Tools.