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  • e-Business Center Login

    If you are a first time user, please review the information on this page before you login.


The view history feature of the eBusiness Center is available again. You should be able to view past transactions made through the eBusiness Center. While several issues have been corrected, eBusiness Center users may still have trouble viewing transactions when using newer versions of web browsers, like Google Chrome. It may be helpful to add our website to your browser compatibility view.


The Department has offered online filing and payment services for a variety of tax types for many years. We recently added a new online file and pay service, the e-Business Center, in response to numerous taxpayer requests for additional features to make online filing and/or paying more convenient.

The e-Business Center:

  • Is a secure web-based system within our website where you can file and pay taxes, store payment and business information for reuse, view history of online tax transactions and conduct other business with us. We have provided an e-Business Center Quick Start Guide (guide currently being revised) to get you started.
  • Requires a North Carolina Identity Management Service (NCID) user ID and password to login so that we can provide you with your tax account and payment information while protecting the privacy of that information. Note: If you are a local government employee, there are special steps needed to register for an NCID user ID and password which are explained in our e-Business Center Quick Start Guide and NCID Registration Information (both guides currently being revised).

Please see the "e-Business Center Login" section below for a list of the services offered.

The Department offers other online services. These are listed in the "Other Electronic Services" section or can be found on our Electronic Services page, which can be accessed from the Department's homepage.

e-Business Center Login

To obtain your North Carolina Identity Management Service (NCID) user ID and password as a first time user or to login as a registered user. Bookmark this page now to return to the e-Business Center after registering with NCID. (As a first time user or registered user, you will temporarily leave the NC Department of Revenue site during the initial NCID registration and when logging into the system.)

Quick Tip: Bookmark this page for future use. Do not bookmark the NCID login page.

e-Business Center Services

These file and/or pay services are supported by the e-Business Center and require secure login.

File and/or Pay:

  • Withholding Tax – Form NC-5


Pay Only:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax - Beer
  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax - Fortified Wine
  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax - Unfortified Wine
  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax - Spirituous Liquor
  • Cigarette Tax – Resident
  • Cigarette Tax – Nonresident
  • Corporate Estimated Income Tax, Form CD-429
  • Machinery and Equipment Tax
  • Other Tobacco Products Tax
  • Piped Natural Gas Excise Tax(Repealed July 1, 2014)
  • Utility Franchise Tax – Electric(Repealed July 1, 2014)
  • Utility Franchise Tax – Water and Sewer(Repealed July 1, 2014)
  • Combined General Rate Sales and Use Tax (Utility, Liquor, Gas, and Other) formerly Utility and Liquor Sales and Use Tax
  • Withholding Tax, Form NC-5P

Reference Tools

Other File and/or Pay Electronic Services

Other Electronic Services

  • Business Registration - Electronically register for an account ID number for Income Tax Withholding, Sales and Use Tax, and Machinery and Equipment and Other Taxes and Fees instead of submitting the Form NC-BR, Business Registration Application.
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