Taxpayer Alert

Tax forms that are generated using unapproved software cannot be processed through the Department's automated processing equipment. Therefore, the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) reserves the right to reject forms from unapproved sources. Taxpayers that submit forms from unauthorized companies may be contacted and required to resubmit original DOR forms or tax forms generated by an authorized software developer. In addition, any refund due will be delayed until the form is processed.

Unauthorized Companies

The following software developers are not authorized to produce NC tax forms:

  • Avex Solutions, LLC (55) - E-500, E-500E, E-536, E-536R
  • Paycor, Inc. (87) - NC-3, NC-3M, NC-5, NC-5A, NC-5P, NC-5PA, NC-5Q
  • Payroll Associates, LLC (F) - NC-3
  • Execupay Payroll (M) - NC-5, NC-5P
  • Dillner's Accounting Tools, Inc. (P) - NC-3, NC-3M, NC-5, NC-5P
  • TRX Software