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    We have consolidated the tax forms, specifications, and grid layouts on a single web page.Other resources such as the "Agreement to Comply," and the "Requirements for Approval of Tax Forms" may be accessed individually. Follow the Requirements provided when creating North Carolina substitute tax forms. North Carolina prohibits the use of the Web and Web-fill versions in software tax products. For questions concerning the reproduction of North Carolina tax forms, please contact the Forms Development and Testing Unit at (919) 754-2625.

    Attention Software Developer:

    If your software company has plans to make system enhancements/technology upgrades, you are advised to contact the Department regarding your software vendor forms. Changes to your system may require additional sample forms to be submitted for testing to ensure your product continues to coincide with already approved software developer versions. Please contact the Forms Development & Testing Unit at (919) 754-2625 or email our contact person at
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