2001-2002 Technical Bulletins


I. Franchise Tax
A. General Information
B. Electric, Power, Water and Sewerage Companies
C. Telephone Companies
D. Holding Companies
E. Mutual Burial Association
F. General Business Corporations
G. Capital Stock, Surplus and Undivided Profits Base
H. Multistate Corporations
I. Investment in Tangible Properties in North Carolina Base
J. Appraised Valuation of Tangible Property Base
K. Change of Income Year
L. Corporations Conditionally or Partially Exempt
II. Corporate Income Tax
A. Corporations Subject to the Tax, Tax Rate and Allocation Requirements
B. Tax Credits
C. Computation of Net Income
D. Interest Income on Government Obligations
E. Attribution of Expenses to Nontaxable Income and to Nonbusiness Income and Property
F. Allocation and Apportionment Procedures
G. Taxable in Another State
H. Business and Nonbusiness Income
I. Apportionment Factors
J. Deduction of Contributions
K. Rapid Amortization for Qualifying Facilities and Equipment
L. Amortization of Bond Premiums
M. Net Economic Loss Carry-Over
N. Transactions Between Affiliated Corporations and Consolidated Returns
O. Partnerships and the Corporate Partner
P. Filing of Returns and Payment of Taxes
Q. Extension of Time for Filing Return
R. Dissolutions and Withdrawals
S. Suspensions and Reinstatements
T. Exempt Corporations
U. Reporting Federal Changes
V. Domestic International Sales Corporation
W. Foreign Sales Corporation
X. S-Corporations
Y. Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiaries
III. Tax Credits
A. General Tax Credits
B. Quality Jobs and Business Expansion Credits
C. Business and Energy Tax Credits
D. Tax Incentives for Recycling Facilities
E. Historic Rehabiliation Tax Credits
IV. Declaration of Income by Corporations
A. Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
V. Excise Tax
A. Piped Natural Gas Excise Tax
VI. Privilege Tax
A. General Information
B. Installment Paper Dealers
VII. Insurance Premium Tax
A. General Information
B. Insurance Companies Subject to the Tax
C. Tax Basis
D. Types of Tax and Charges
E. Tax Rates and Charges
F. Retaliatory Provisions
G. Installment Payments
H. Due Dates
I. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Requirement
J. Exempt Insurance Companies
K. Exclusions
L. Tax Credits
M. Insurance Tax Administered by Department of Insurance
N. No Additional Local Taxes
O. Exemption From Franchise or Corporate Income Tax
VIII. General Administration
A. Statute of Limitations; Assessment Procedure; Appeal and Recovery Actions
B. Payment of Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer
C. Penalties and Interest