2006 Supplement to Rules and Bulletins for Taxable Years 2005 & 2006


This publication is a supplement to the Franchise Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Privilege Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, and Excise Tax Rules and Bulletins for Taxable Years 2005 & 2006. This supplement addresses changes to the 2005/2006 Rules and Bulletins resulting from legislative actions, court decisions, Attorney General opinions, rules adopted or amended under the Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 150B of the General Statutes, or administrative interpretation by the Department of Revenue.

This supplement includes only those sections of the 2005/2006 Rules and Bulletins that have been changed. With one exception, the changes are indicated by striking through the original material and underlining the new material. The exception is the section titled Quality Jobs and Business Expansion Credits (Article 3A of Chapter 105). This section is updated in its entirety each year; therefore, the old material is not struck through and the new material is not underlined.