NCDOR Offers Warning About Telephone Tax Scams

Date: August 27, 2013

RALEIGH, N.C. – Instances of criminals posing as representatives of state or federal agencies and contacting taxpayers about fraudulent delinquent tax bills are increasing. The criminals attempt to coerce individuals into sending quick electronic payments, usually from financial institutions in large retailers.

For example, the N.C. Department of Revenue was recently contacted by a tax professional in Indiana whose client was targeted by an individual falsely claiming to be a NCDOR employee. The imposter instructed the taxpayer to send money from a local retailer to pay a fake North Carolina tax bill. NCDOR representatives confirmed that the call did not come from the agency and the victim of the scam did not send any money.

This particular occurrence ended positively, but others may not. The callers prey on taxpayer’s natural uneasiness about being delinquent with their taxes.

"The citizens of North Carolina understand the importance of filing and paying their taxes in full, and to take advantage of that knowledge to defraud taxpayers of their hard-earned money is reprehensible," said Acting Secretary of Revenue Jeff Epstein. "We want people to contact us directly if they receive a call or letter from NCDOR that they don’t understand or that seems suspicious."

People should remember the following:

  • NCDOR would never, under any circumstance, direct a taxpayer to a specific retail outlet or financial institution to pay a tax bill.
  • Before contacting a taxpayer by phone about a collection action, NCDOR will send 1-5 notices by mail advising the taxpayer about the specifics of any overdue or delinquent tax payment.
  • If you receive a questionable call from NCDOR or any other tax agency, please contact the agency directly or speak to a qualified tax professional.

Please visit or call 1-877-252-3052 for more information.                                                                                                                               

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