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Alcoholic Beverages

Amusement Gross Receipts

Bank Privilege Tax

Conveyance Tax

Corporate Income and Franchise

Electric Companies


Estates and Trusts

Freight Car Line Companies


Individual Income

Installment Paper Dealer Tax


International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Motor Fuels

Newsprint Publications Privilege Tax


Piped Natural Gas

Primary Forest Products

Privilege License


Sales & Use

Tobacco Products

Water and Sewer Companies


Other Forms

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Where’s My Refund


D-400V Individual Income Payment Voucher

Bills and Notices

NC-40 Individual Estimated Income Tax

D-410 Application for Extension forFiling Individual Income Tax Return

D-400V Amended Individual IncomePayment Voucher

E-500 Sales and Use E-File

NC-5 and NC-5P Withholding E-File

Motor Fuels IFTA/Intrastate E-File

Motor Fuels EDI Implementation Guide (PDF)

Motor Fuels E-File – File your Motor Fuels Tax returns (Excludes IFTA)


CD-429 Corporate Estimated Income Tax

CD-419 Application for Extension for Franchise and Corporate Income Tax

CD-V, Franchise Tax and Corporate Income Tax Payment Vouchers

CD-V Amended, Amended Franchise Tax and Corporate Income Tax Payment Vouchers


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Reports and Statistics

State and Local Taxes

Tax Law Changes

Property Tax Publications

IFTA Tax Publications

State Taxation and Nonprofit Organizations

Statistical Abstract of NC Taxes

Biennial Tax Expenditure Report

State Sales and Use Tax Reports by Fiscal Year

Monthly Sales and Use Statistics

William S. Lee Act Credit Reports

Other Credits and Incentives Reports

Corporate Income and Business Franchise Taxes

Local Government Distribution Schedule

Local Government Distribution and Reimbursement Reports

Form TR PEG - Cable PEG Channel Certification and Instructions 

MSA Participating Manufacturers and Brands List (PDF)

MSA Non-participating Manufacturers and Brands List (PDF)

Summary of Financial Condition (from the Office of the State Controller)

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Penalty Waiver Policy

Voluntary Disclosure

Nexus: Doing Business Questionnaire

Verbal Advice

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