Annual Report

All domestic corporations and foreign corporations authorized to transact business in North Carolina except for insurance companies, limited liability companies, nonprofit corporations, professional corporations, and professional associations must, on an annual basis, file an annual report and remit a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee.

Taxpayers have the option of either filing the annual report in paper form with the Department of Revenue or online in an electronic format with the Secretary of State for a reduced fee of eighteen dollars ($18.00).

Corporations electing to file the annual report in paper form with the Department of Revenue must complete Form CD-479 in its entirety and place it on the front page of the completed tax return. The circle labeled "CD-479 is attached" located at the top of the tax return must also be filled in. The twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee must be included in the computation of the corporation’s income tax due ONLY if filing with the Department of Revenue. For taxpayers filing Form CD-479 in paper form, the twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee should be included in their estimated corporate income tax liability payments. Form CD-479 is available at

If the corporation elects to file the annual report in an electronic format online with the Secretary of State, go to the Secretary of State’s website for details. The fee of eighteen dollars ($18.00) must be paid online using one of the payment options offered by the Secretary of State.

Failure to file the Annual Report either online or with the tax return may result in administrative dissolution or revocation of the Corporate Articles or Certificate of Authority by the Secretary of State’s Office as prescribed by statute.