Frequently Asked Questions About the IFTA/Intrastate Filing System

1. On the Welcome screen or Jurisdiction screen, I cannot see the radio buttons on the bottom of the page, how can I file online?

  • Minimize all applications you are currently in
  • Right click on the desktop (not on any icon)
  • Left click on Properties
  • Left click on Settings
  • Change the pixels to 1024 by 768
  • Press OK when prompted to allow the change
  • Screen should be smaller

Go back into the IFTA/Intrastate application, the screen will be smaller and the buttons will be seen.

2. My access code is not working, what should I do?

Contact the Excise Tax Division and request to have your password reset. Remember to use capital letters when you are typing the access code in the first time user screen. The phone number for the Raleigh office is (919) 733-3409 or toll-free 1-877-308-9092; our fax number is (919) 733-8654.

3. Do I have to file online every quarter?

If you were issued 3 or more decals you are required to file online every quarter. If you were issued less than 3 decals you may file your return online or send in a paper return by mail or fax.

4. I don’t have an e-mail address to use, can I still file online?

Yes. You will not be receiving email from the system, unless a payment is remitted by bank draft or credit card. Therefore, you may use a generic email address as long as you are not remitting a payment online. You may create a generic email by typing your first name, last name and email address. Example:

5. I forgot my password; can you tell me what it is?

No, we do not have access to your password. We will assign you a temporary password. You will then be able to login and change the temporary password to a permanent password. When it asks for your old password, use the temporary password you were given, and choose a permanent password that has at least 8 characters with a number in it somewhere. You cannot use the same previous password unless you move the number to another place. If you had the number in the front of the word, try moving it to the end of the word. You will be required to type in a new pass phrase also.

6. I changed my account number from Social Security Number to a Federal Identification Number. Which account number should I use online?

You need to file using your Federal Identification Number, if your business is a corporation. You will need to set up a new account using your new account number and a new access code. If you do not have the new access code, please contact us. Note: We have gone through our records and any accounts that were individuals filing using Federal Identification Numbers were changed to the Social Security Numbers that were previously provided to us. You should have received a new access code letter to set up your account online.

7. When can I order next year’s license and decals?

You will not be able to order next year's license and decals until the renewal period has begun, around October 1st of each year.

8. I have recently received correspondence from the Excise Tax Division displaying a new account number, what number should I be using?

Due to the Identity Theft Protection Act later on this year, we will be changing all account numbers to a new NCDOR ID number. You will notice the change on your license and other correspondence you receive from us. Some will display both account number and the new state number.

9. On the jurisdiction screen, when using the map, I can only put in one jurisdiction (state) at a time. Is there a quicker way to add jurisdictions?

Yes, in the column showing the list of jurisdictions, use the scroll bar to locate the jurisdiction, hold down the control key on your keyboard and click on the jurisdiction using your mouse. Go to the next jurisdiction and do the same until all the jurisdictions in which you have traveled are highlighted. Next click on the double arrows located between the two columns. The jurisdictions that were chosen will be moved to the right column and highlighted on the map.

10. Where do I key in the surcharge?

The application will automatically calculate the surcharge for jurisdictions (states) that have them. On the Operation and Tax Summary you will be able to see the surcharge tax due in the 10th column of the summary.

11. I keyed in my original return, got the confirmation number and now I noticed I’ve made a mistake. Can I go back and make a correction?

Once a return has been submitted and you receive a confirmation number, you cannot go back and make any corrections. You must file a paper return with the correction. Please write the word "AMENDED" on the front of the return so we know a correction has been made. You need to send in an amended paper return by mail or fax.

12. I answered the first question incorrectly and filed a no operation return, how can I correct it?

Please refer to the above answer.

13. How can I get copies of my miles and gallons purchased each fiscal year?

If you filed these returns online, they are available under "inquire tax returns or credentials" on the Main Menu. If you filed paper copies, please contact the Division and we will provide the information that you need. You should keep copies of all returns filed for 4 years for audit purposes.

14. The person who previously filed for us does not work for us anymore, how can we file online?

Contact the Excise Tax Division so we can reset your account with a temporary password, which will allow you to update to a permanent password. You can then change the email address under "Update my information". You can also remove a person's information in the same section. If you are adding or deleting a Reporting Service or Third Party, go to "User management" and add, remove or reinstate authorized users on your account. Note: You can use your email account on only one account.

15. I have IFTA and Intrastate Credentials; can I order them both at the same time on the same screen?

No, You must do 2 separate transactions. Order your first tax type and then go back to the Order Credential screen and then you can order your intrastate credentials.