Property Tax Commission Decisions

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Please take into consideration that the list does not include all cases decided by the Commission. This is a partial listing, as cases will be added periodically for reference.

The decisions are initially sorted alphabetically by County. The decisions may be re-sorted by clicking the Case Number, Year, Appellant, or County boxes at the top of each column.

Case Number Year Appellant County
11PTC917 2012 Allen E. Capps  Alamance
09PTC729 2009 Julius and Beverly Kerr  Alamance
12PTC561 2012 Mebane Mill Lofts, LLC Alamance
01PTC560 2003 Weaver Investment Co. Alamance
Court of Appeals: COA031226 2004 Weaver Investment Co. Alamance
10PTC686-689 2013 CMH Properties, John Capell  Anson
09PTC137 2010 John L. Liles  Anson
95PTC545  1996 Valley Protein  Anson
Court of Appeals: COA97219 1998 Valley Protein  Anson
06PTC153 2007 Thomas Warren Ashe
11PTC371 2012 Uncle Joe's LLC Ashe
13PTC369   Ashe, Paul & Patricia  Avery
14PTC040   Ashe, Paul & Patricia Fowler  Avery
11PTC068   2013 Grandfather Mtn. Stewardship Foundation, Inc.  Avery
Court of Appeals: COA131447 2014 Grandfather Mtn. Stewardship Foundation, Inc.  Avery
Motion to Dismiss: 11PTC068 2012 Grandfather Mtn. Stewardshp. Foundation, Inc.  Avery
13PTC369 2014 Paul & Patricia Ashe  Avery
11PTC090 2012 Richard G. Hagman  Avery
14PTC038   Headwaters at Banner Elk LLC Avery
14PTC0103 2015 Flowers, Phillip K Beaufort
10PTC754 2011 Jennifer Howard Beaufort
11PTC151 2013 Keith & Debra Jones  Beaufort
 10PTC772 2013 Linda Pounds Beaufort
13PTC403 2014 Raymond G. Lewis  Beaufort
10PTC764 2011 Roy A. Brown & Marianne Living Trust  Beaufort
86PTC295 1988 ELE, Inc.  Bertie
Court of Appeals & Supreme Court: 86PTC295  1990 ELE, Inc.  Bertie
13PTC0736 2016 Perdue Products, Inc. Bertie
08PTC779 2010 Daniel G. Kamin Westgate LLC  Bladen
Court of Appeals: COA131107 12PTC1074-1092    Becky King Prop, et al  Brunswick
07PTC690   Charles & Nancy Easterling Anderson  Brunswick
11PTC597   Deborah A. Boodro   Brunswick
07PTC663   Decebal Burgariu  Brunswick
14PTC0063 2016 Jack J. & Mary K. Goehring Brunswick
08PTC123   James and Nannette Thomas Brunswick
07PTC559   John and Joan Peterson Brunswick
07PTC512   Leon & Gary Black  Brunswick
08PTC391, 07PTC1015    Luther Johnson Britt, III  Brunswick
10PTC625   Ocean Isle Palms, LLC  Brunswick
Court of Appeals: COA111127 10PTC625 2013 Ocean Isle Palms 10PTC625  Brunswick
Supreme Court: SC128A12 10PTC625    Ocean Isle Palms, LLC  Brunswick
Court of Appeals: 1975 1975 Paul and Glenn Hendrix Brunswick
11PTC872A   Remuda Run LLC Brunswick
11PTC872B   Remuda Run LLC  Brunswick
09PTC270   Thomas and Linda Cash  Brunswick
 06PTC368   Jerry & Margaret Ferguson Buncombe
06PTC374   Perry & Lela Blankenship Buncombe
14PTC007   Daughtridge, Betty Buncombe
06PTC347   Peter M. Brower Buncombe
07PTC797   Wells Fargo Bank, NA-ORIX  Burke
07PTC666   William R. Aarons Burke
Motion to Dismiss: 09PTC029   Charlotte Motor Speedway, LLC  Cabarrus
13PTC822   Corning Inc.  Cabarrus
Court of Appeals:
COA15954 13PTC822
2016 Corning Inc. Cabarrus
11PTC635   Corporate Fleet Services, LLC  Cabarrus
09PTC022   David H. Murdock Research Institute-DHMRI Cabarrus
Court of Appeals: COA111480 09PTC022   David H. Murdock Research Institute-DHMRI Cabarrus
Superior Court: 09PTC22   David H. Murdock Research Institute-DHMRI Cabarrus
08PTC491   Donald Misenheimer Cabarrus
09PTC905   Donald Misenheimer  Cabarrus
08PTC543   Duard F. Murphy Cabarrus
06PTC093   Green Gardens Inc.  Cabarrus
08PTC485   H.R. & Debra McClamrock  Cabarrus
12PTC535   Keith & Carolyn Cline Cabarrus
09PTC090   David & Angela Colvard Caldwell
14PTC0033   John McKeon Caldwell
09PTC080   Paul Visser Caldwell
Court Of Appeals: 09PTC080   Paul Visser Caldwell
01PTC242   Schwarz & Schwarz, Inc.  Caldwell
06PTC106   SV Lim Holdings Caldwell
11PTC152   The Bluffs of Wilson Creek Caldwell
89PTC266   Alexander Chester Carteret
07PTC787   Eric Henriksen Carteret
07PTC622   Harvey A. Goodwin  Carteret
07PTC718   Marvin & Gloria Willis  Carteret
07PTC761   Old Towne Yacht Club, Inc  Carteret
07PTC959   Wallace Conway  Carteret
91PTC163   Belk-Broome Co.  Catawba
Court of Appeals: 91PTC163   Belk-Broome Co.  Catawba
99PTC202   Lane Co.--Hickory Chair Div.  Catawba
Court of Appeals: 011343 99PTC202   Lane Co.--Hickory Chair Div.  Catawba
13PTC407   Charles & Cheryl Guizzotti Chatham
13PTC333   John G. Shirley  Chatham
07PTC264   Patricia G. Boll Chatham
09PTC524   Paul Burge Chatham
14PTC730   Super Investors, LLC  Chatham
09PTC065   Helen S. May Cherokee
12PTC319, 12PTC501, 14PTC217 Denied Summary Judgement   Cleveland Mall, HSMC, Shelby Mall  Cleveland
08PTC240, 09PTC152, 09PTC153, 10PTC318   Hull Story, Shelby Mall, etc.  Cleveland
Consent Order: 08PTC240, 09PTC152-153, 10PTC318   Hull Story, Shelby Mall, etc  Cleveland
Court of Appeals: 08PTC240, 09PTC152-153, 10PTC318   Hull Story, Shelby Mall, etc.  Cleveland
Supreme Court: 08PTC240, 09PTC152 & 153, 10PTC318   Hull Story, Shelby Mall, etc  Cleveland
07PTC253   Roger D. McCraw Cleveland
11PTC027   Eugene & Kathleen Cesca Craven
08PTC155   Gerard A. and Gayle A. Cormier Craven
11PTC029   Kern Co. Inc.  Craven
10PTC817   Peter Pagnutti Craven
10PTC883   Pamela Rose Vana Craven
10PTC868   James L. Revette, Jr.  Craven
14PTC013   Kathy L. Patton Craven
09PTC019   Rivershore, LLC  Craven
10PTC922   Simon & Penny Zibula Lock Craven
94PTC59, 94PTC59   Weyerhaeuser Co.  Craven
Court of Appeals: 951168 94PTC59   Weyerhaeuser Co.  Craven
14PTC390   American Hospitality, Inc. Cumberland
07PTC417   David Miller Gillis Cumberland
09PTC565   Everett, Fred  Cumberland
Court of Appeals: 92PTC988   Fayetteville Hotel Association Cumberland
11PTC018   L&C Farm LLC-John Roach  Cumberland
 09PTC587   Michael A. Lee Cumberland
 92PTC504   National Serv. Industries, Inc. Cumberland
11PTC076   Stedman Baptist Church  Cumberland
Court of Appeals: 1980   W.R. Company Cumberland
13PTC541 Summ.Judg.   Aniski, Edward & Bianca Dare
13PTC0463 2016 Linda R. Sharp Dare
07PTC298   Kimberly-Clark Corporation Davidson
15PTC0079 2016 Lisa Jacobs Leonard Davidson
15PTC0080 2016 Shannon C. Leonard Davidson
Court of Appeals: 07PTC374 Order, Dismissal   Meadowlands Golf, LLC  Davidson
07PTC374   Meadowlands Golf, LLC Davidson
Court of Appeals: 07PTC375, Remand   Parkdale America  Davidson
Court of Appeals: 07PTC375, 2nd Remand   Parkdale Mills & Parkdale America  Davidson
07PTC375, 2nd Remand   Parkdale Mills & Parkdale America  Davidson
07PTC375, Remand   Parkdale Mills & Parkdale America  Davidson
07PTC375   Parkdale Mills & Parkdale America  Davidson
12PTC367-371, 435, 436   Schwarz...Summary Judgement Davidson
12PTC437   Terry Gilliland  Davidson
Court of Appeals: 99PTC457   Bermuda Run Prop. Owners Davie
1981, PTC   So. Railway & Norfolk So. Railway DOR
Court of Appeals: 1982   So. Railway & Norfolk So. Railway  DOR
Superior Court: 1985   So. Railway & Norfolk So. Railway  DOR
07PTC781   US Xpress  DOR
14PTC391   DG Solar Lessee LLC Duplin
15PTC215 2016 Emotions Organizations Duplin
11PTC944   109 Kinsale Land Trust Durham
Court of Appeals: 111PTC944, Remand   109 Kinsale Land Trust  Durham
10PTC935   Alexander Deshkovski Durham
10PTC518   Cheryl Ann Coplin Durham
09PTC086   DCF IV, LLC Durham
Court of Appeals: 05PTC687   Fayette Place Durham
05PTC687   Fayette Place Durham
97PTC427, COA   Greens of Pine Glen  Durham
97PTC427 Remand Decision   Greens of Pine Glen Durham
97PTC427, SC   Greens of Pine Glen Durham
97PTC427   Greens of Pine Glen  Durham
Court of Appeals: 92PTC548   Hotel L'Europe, Inc.  Durham
92PTC548   Hotel L'Europe, Inc. Durham
01PTC544  Final Decision 3-30-06   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
Court of Appeals: 01PTC544  12-8-09   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
Court of Appeals: COA061002  01PTC544, 10-2-07   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
01PTC544 8-29-08   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
Court of Appeals: COA111144  01PTC544, 8-21-12   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
Superior Court: 01PTC544   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
01PTC544, 2nd Remand   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
01PTC544, Final Decision on Remand 1-18-13   IBM Credit Corp.  Durham
04PTC537   Intec Properties, LLC  Durham
12PTC1099   KDS Development, LLC Durham
09PTC576   Kelly E. J. Paylor Durham
12PTC1393   Maddry & Co. Inc. dba Evergreen Nursery  Durham
10PTC320   Matthias Geissler Durham
11PTC059, Summary Judgement Order   Mohamed El-Ramly Durham
08PTC479   N. Nathan Friedenberg  Durham
Court of Appeals: 90PTC409, 91PTC26   Northern Telecom Durham
90PTC409, 91PTC26   Northern Telecom Durham
91PTC26, 92PTC413, 93PTC23   Northern Telecom Durham
94PTC60   Northern Telecom Durham
11PTC886   Anthony & Ann Okobi Durham
11PTC494   Paul Lewis Durham
12PTC398   Ray Guthrie Durham
Court of Appeals: COA07555 05PTC231    Rollie & Mary Tillman Durham
12PTC1100   SIG Seilger, LLC Durham
10PTC677, penalty   Suman Vidyarhi, DDS dba Renanssance Fam. Dent.  Durham
07PTC1075   Thomas E. Maddry, Sr.  Durham
05PTC231   Rollie & Mary Tillman Durham
11PTC0936   TMC Associates, LLC Durham
11PTC683   Trafalgar Properties  Durham
13PTC790   Michael & Catherine Wilborn Durham
12PTC1392   Xiaohu Guan  Durham
10PTC306   Sara Lee Corp Edgecombe
Court of Appeals: 91PTC24 from PTC Remand   Camel City Laundry Co. Forsyth
Court of Appeals: 91PTC24   Camel City Laundry Co.  Forsyth
91PTC24, Remand   Camel City Laundry Co. Forsyth
91PTC24   Camel City Laundry Co. Forsyth
Court of Appeals: 90PTC362   Gene & Deborah Dickey Forsyth
Court of Appeals: 90PTC362   Gene & Deborah Dickey Forsyth
90PTC362   Gene & Deborah Dickey Forsyth
Court of Appeals: 93PTC445   Interstate Income Fund I Forsyth
93PTC445   Interstate Income Fund I Forsyth
05PTC693   J.C. Penney Store  Forsyth
09PTC920   Johnson, John H. Jr.  Forsyth
01PTC555   Kohl's Dept. Store & Hanes Point SC Forsyth
13PTC913   Loughridge, John H. Jr. Forsyth
13PTC0904 2016 Lowe's Home Centers, LLC Forsyth
85PTC19   NCSA, Inc. Forsyth
10PTC007, 008, 009   Prime Prop., West Pointe Vlg., Glenn Crossing Assoc.  Forsyth
Court of Appeals: 91PTC409   Stroh Brewery Co.  Forsyth
91PTC409   Stroh Brewery Co.  Forsyth
13PTC154   Taylor Group Foundation  Forsyth
09PTC873   Tobacco Square LLC Forsyth
Court of Appeals: COA02831  00PTC304    Univ. for the Study of Human Goodness  Forsyth
00PTC304   Univ. for the Study of Human Goodness  Forsyth
13PTC153   Vienna Baptist Church Forsyth
10PTC011, FD on Remand   Villas at Peacehaven Forsyth
Court of Appeals: 10PTC011   Villas of Peacehaven, LLC Forsyth
10PTC011   Villas of Peacehaven, LLC Forsyth
94PTC216   Winston-Salem Hotel Assoc.-Sheraton Hotel  Forsyth
Court of Appeals: COA00912 98PTC01   Winston-Salem Joint Venture  Forsyth
98PTC01   Winston-Salem Joint Venture Forsyth
Supreme Court: COA00912  98PTC01   Winston-Salem Joint Venture, Forsyth
07PTC1055   Dennis Stroupe, Gaston
13PTC032   Rankin, Haywood, Katherine & Estate of Charles Rankin  Gaston
10PTC830   Scott Alan Kummer Gaston
 03PTC814   Wm. L. Martin Gaston
15PTC0442 2016 Wolverine Estate Ltd. Family Trust XIV LLC Gaston
10PTC149   Fontana Village Inc.  Graham
10PTC985   Herman L. Thompson, Jr.  Graham
02PTC149   Master's Mission  Graham
10PTC546   Robert Mandler Graham
14PTC0116 2016 Jill Moss Greenberg et al. Granville
12PTC1206   301 N Elm St  Guilford
Superior Court: 1964-1968   AMP vs Guilford Co. Guilford
16PTC0405 2017 Christ Church Greensboro, Inc. Guilford
Court of Appeals: 90PTC27   Cone Mills, Inc. Guilford
Court of Appeals: 13PTC124   Dixie Building LLC Guilford
13PTC124   Dixie Building LLC  Guilford
Court of Appeals: 1982, PTC   Greensboro Office Prtshp Guilford
12PTC1759   Marie & Walter Franklin Family Trust Guilford
09PTC679, 10PTC945 Recommendations   Max & Patricia Ballinger Guilford
09PTC679, 10PTC945   Max & Patricia Ballinger Guilford
09PTC679, 10PTC945, Order   Max and Patricia Ballinger Guilford
92PTC28, 90PTC 485   Moses Cone--Roger Cotton Guilford
05PTC405   Seager Place Apartments Guilford
08PTC096   YMCA of Greensboro  Guilford
07PTC276   Daniel Hayes Halifax
Court of Appeals: 07PTC719   Family Tree Farm LLC Halifax
07PTC719   Family Tree Farm, LLC Halifax
MOTION, 07PTC719   Family Tree Farm, LLC  Halifax
13PTC742, 14PTC010 2013 Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe and Haliwa-Saponi Tribe Inc Halifax
07PTC283   Mark & Dorothy Shiffler Halifax
09PTC299   MTD Investments, Mobile Home Park Halifax
09PTC298   MTD Investments, Retail Strip Mall Halifax
Court of Appeals: 06PTC338   Rom B. Parker, Jr.  Halifax
06PTC338   Rom B. Parker, Jr.  Halifax
Court of Appeals: 03PTC1   Westmoreland LG&E Partners  Halifax
11PTC838 2016 Denny E. and Deborah C. King Haywood
11PTC837   Greg Dellinger Haywood
12PTC588   James V. Calderbank Haywood
10PTC058   June H. Beveridge Haywood
Court of Appeals: 11PTC838   King, Denny & Deborah Haywood
11PTC838   King, Denny & Deborah  Haywood
13PTC321   McCracken, James R.  Haywood
11PTC810   Shell, Corbin Haywood
Court of Appeals: 08PTC026   Blue Ridge Mall  Henderson
08PTC026   Blue Ridge Mall  Henderson
06PTC21   John D. Bell Henderson
05PTC192, COA061423, Remand   Tyleta W. Morgan Henderson
Superior Court: COA061423 05PTC192   Tyleta W. Morgan Henderson
05PTC192, COA061423   Tyleta W. Morgan Henderson
05PTC192   Tyleta W. Morgan Henderson
09PTC154   Lemuel F. Swindell Hyde
13PTC778   Avalon Farm Iredell
15PTC004, Sum. Judg.   Avalon Farm  Iredell
15PTC0203 2016 Regan L. Smith Iredell
15PTC0204 2016 Ronnie L. & Lee A. Smith Iredell
Court of Appeals: 87PTC245   Jackson Paper Mfg. Co.  Jackson
87PTC245   Jackson Paper Mfg. Co.  Jackson
14PTC084   Dennis Nielsen Johnston
Court of Appeals: 11PTC1062, 12PTC1683   Interstate Outdoor  Johnston
11PTC1062   Interstate Outdoor Inc.  Johnston
12PTC1683   Interstate Outdoor Inc.  Johnston
12PTC815   J.D. Goldston, Jr.  Johnston
09PTC1010   Johnston Co. Indust. Brightleaf Johnston
09PTC1011   Johnston Co. Indust., Preston Johnston
12PTC694   Keith Barefoot Johnston
11PTC548   Markham D. Thompson Johnston
11PTC495   Oliver L. Canady  Johnston
13PTC543   Oliver L. Canady Johnston
13PTC477   Donald & Priscilla Dollar Lee
07PTC720   Neadella G. Sellers Wilson Lee
Court of Appeals: COA07796 05PTC301   Earl B. Oliver Lenoir
05PTC301   Earl B. Oliver Lenoir
11PTC106   Elderly Housing Corp of Kinston NC  Lenoir
11PTC113   David & Amber Garchar Lincoln
08PTC566   Ellen J. Nixon Lincoln
08PTC460   Ernest A. Wingate Lincoln
08PTC409   Fredrick J. Judson Lincoln
13PTC449   James & Margaret Owens  Lincoln
12PTC509   James B. Chapman  Lincoln
13PTC415   James Chapman Lincoln
11PTC606   James Owens Lincoln
11PTC231   Jerry & Judith Haney Lincoln
08PTC330   Jerry P. Haney Lincoln
12PTC570   John & Melissa Hasty, 12PTC570 Lincoln
08PTC276   John H. & Melissa M. Hasty Lincoln
06PTC097   Robert Avery Lincoln
08PTC332   Robert P. Liljefors Lincoln
14PTC233   Robert Wayne Avery Lincoln
09PTC313   Steve Misenheimer Lincoln
08PTC553   Winston R. Kelley Lincoln
Court of Appeals: 9010PTC858 89PTC61    Church of the Creator Inc  Macon
Court of Appeals: 89PTC61, Dissent   Church of the Creator Inc Macon
89PTC61   Church of the Creator Inc Macon
07PTC889   Larry Vann, Macon
10PTC288   Michael P. Fitzgerald Macon
Court of Appeals: 1983   Rainbow Springs Ptnrsh.  Macon
1983, PTC   Rainbow Springs Ptnrsh.  Macon
07PTC320   Henry & Ann Moon MacDowell
12PTC1664   Andrew  Elizabeth James,  Mecklenburg
14PTC170 2015 Badawi, Michel and Debra Mecklenburg
14PTC336   Ballantyne Village Parking LLC Mecklenburg
Court of Appeals: COA9310PTC89 92PTC179   Bass Income Fund Mecklenburg
07PTC1074   Borough Land Ltd. Prtnshp. Mecklenburg
12PTC572   Erroll Black,  Mecklenburg
14PTC432   Black, Erroll V. Mecklenburg
92PTC152   Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Mecklenburg
15PTC0368 2016 Frankie Hinshaw and Celia Featherstone Mecklenburg
06PTC242, Order & Final Dec   Habitat for Humanity of Char. Mecklenburg
07PTC1080   James Brock Kitchen Mecklenburg
14PTC436 2016 Jack J. Stollery Mecklenburg
11PTC637   Johnny L. Elliott Mecklenburg
14PTC388 2016 Julia Todd Mecklenburg
11PTC1152   Linda George Mecklenburg
12PTC594   Linda George Mecklenburg
15PTC0434 2016 Matthew P. Jones Mecklenburg
11PTC916   Michael Badawi Mecklenburg
15PTC0469 2016 Michael E. Todd Mecklenburg
15PTC0470 2016 Michael E. and Julia Todd Mecklenburg
11PTC821   Michael J. McGuire Mecklenburg
12PTC005   Michelin NA Inc. Mecklenburg
11PTC911   Mohamed Metwally Mecklenburg
07PTC672   MW Group Mecklenburg
13PTC303   Nelson W. Bowker Mecklenburg
12PTC1645   Patricia Conti Mecklenburg
10PTC886   Peter Hegarty Mecklenburg
10PTC885   Quattlebaum Associates Mecklenburg
10PTC875   Robert and Ania Hamp Mecklenburg
12PTC1155   Robert L. & Barbara Boettner Mecklenburg
13PTC289   Sandra Miller Mecklenburg
12PTC213   Teachers Ins. Annuity Mecklenburg
Court of Appeals: COA12941 11PTC162   Blue Ridge Housing of Bakersville Mitchell
11PTC162   Blue Ridge Housing of Bakersville Mitchell
Certification of Judgement: 11PTC162   Blue Ridge Housing of Bakersville, LLC Mitchell
et al, mineral rights, 1983   Buchanan Charles Mitchell
09PTC018   Henry & Ann Moon Mitchell
1978, PTC   Land & Mineral Co. Mitchell
mineral rights, 1978, COA, 8024SC416   Land & Mineral Co.  Mitchell
10PTC387   Landlubbers Development  Mitchell
10PTC340   Maphry Killinger Mitchell
2016 Reynolds Mineral Inc. and Randolph Reynolds Sr., et al. Mitchell
12PTC1260   Charles T. Dowd Montgomery
12PTC1338   David J. Framm Montgomery
12PTC1362 2017 Old North State Acquisition LLC Montgomery
12PTC1362   Old North State Acquisition LLC Montgomery
12PTC1299   Oliver G. & Lou Webster Montgomery
12PTC1298   Paul E. Straubel Montgomery
12PTC1296   R.W. Dozier, Jr. Montgomery
13PTC356   Sandra N. Parker Montgomery
12PTC1208   Thomas & Denise Burchett Montgomery
12PTC1403,1404,1405   Tillery Tradition, Betty Russell, JTR,  Montgomery
10PTC820   Richard T. Cavedo Moore
11PTC363   Tom & Theresa Clark Moore
07PTC1053   Watch Me Grow, Inc. Moore
13PTC707   Boynton, Mary Louise Heirs  New Hanover
08PTC072   Arthur R. Bullock New Hanover
08PTC070   Betty Hendricks New Hanover
12PTC1109   Deborah Wright New Hanover
12PTC510   Larson Place LLC New Hanover
12PTC405   Nancy L. Centofante New Hanover
12PTC511   Pembroke Nash New Hanover
13PTC338   Queen El New Hanover
12PTC1406    Wetherill Family Land New Hanover
12PTC542   William & Kathy O'Shea New Hanover
10PTC966   Wm. & Shirley Prince New Hanover
07PTC942   Fowler Real Estate LLC Northampton
07PTC1032   Jonathan & Jennipher Maddrey Northampton
07PTC980   Nathaniel Redman Northampton
14PTC0137 2015 New Tree Farms LLC Northampton
14PTC0114 2015 RGS Properties, Inc Northampton
06PTC390   Carlisle Neithold Onslow
06PTC408   Ericson Pub. Co.  Onslow
14PTC0290   Harold Hall Onslow
06PTC275   Jim McGrath Onslow
89PTC53   Moore Buick-Pontiac, Inc.  Onslow
14PTC131   Stephen & Phyllis Blucher Onslow
09PTC646   Alexander Kulminski Orange
10PTC063   Andrew B. Lloyd Orange
10PTC702   Andrews L. Browne Orange
12PTC1244   Ashvin & Hardika Patel Orange
10PTC095   Blair & Rebekah Pollock Orange
09PTC1000   Bryan D. & Barbara Berger Orange
10PTC089   Capkov Ventures Inc.  Orange
Court of Appeals: COA00998 98PTC167   Chapel Hill Day Care Center Inc.  Orange
98PTC167   Chapel Hill Day Care, Inc.  Orange
10PTC013   Charles Tilden Hagan, IV Orange
09PTC606   Christopher Smith Orange
10PTC605   Danny A. Hill, Jr.  Orange
11PTC423   Deborah Balch Orange
09PTC811, 10PTC721   Donald Jr. & Donna Bryant Stanford Orange
07PTC381   EMPOWERMENT Inc Orange
10PTC065   Flat River Properties Orange
10PTC653   Jeffrey Peloquin Orange
10PTC697   John and Janel Sexton Orange
12PTC1671   Kilaru, Johnathan Orange
Superior Court: 04CVS2016   E-Commerce Support Center, Inc. vs Onslow Co. Other
Supreme Court: 9119SC918, COA-1992, 108334 2003 Kinro Inc. v. Randolph Co. Other
Supreme Court: 59COA332, 296, 499 1982 Nuzumcross Chevrolet--Catawba Co. Other
12PTC927   Marchand, David & Joan  Pamlico
13PTC743   Yang, Tina Yun Xin Pamlico
1978, PTC   Carolina Conference Assn. of 7th Day Adv.  Pasquotank
Supreme Court: 1978, COA, 791SC556   Carolina Conference Assoc. of 7th Day Adv.  Pasquotank
Court of Appeals: COA08635 07PTC280   Donald Sullivan Pender
07PTC280   Donald Sullivan Pender
13PTC549   Donald Sullivan Pender
11PTC716   John Wardlaw & Martha Stuhmer Pender
Court of Appeals: COA99923 98PTC107   Leon & Mary Corbett Pender
Supreme Court: 98PTC107   Leon & Mary Corbett Pender
98PTC107   Leon & Mary Corbett Pender
Court of Appeals: 07PTC820   Powers Great American Midways  Pender
07PTC820   Powers Great American Midways  Pender
11PTC682   Robert & Carol Ramagosa Pender
13PTC678   Bryan & Sally Glei Person
11PTC125   Duncan Family Ltd Partnership Person
13PTC648   Hattie Sue Heirs Paylor Person
10PTC876, 11PTC664   Patrick L. Riley Person
13PTC647   Robert & Mary Scarborough Person
13PTC481   Tera B. Slaughter Person
15PTC114 2016 Tera B. Slaughter Person
Superior Court: 1976 COA, 753SC971   David E. Bosley Pitt
05PTC157   Lewis & Elizabeth Pack Polk
Court of Appeals: COA031357 01PTC214   Pavillon International Polk
01PTC214   Pavillon International  Polk
09PTC545   Robert C. Faucette Polk
09PTC843   Tryon-Columbus Retire. Assoc. Polk
et al 95PTC101, 96PTC121   Allred, Bobby,  Randolph
Supreme Court: et al 95PTC101, 96PTC121   Bobby Allred Randolph
Court of Appeals: et al 95PTC101, 96PTC121   Bobby Allred Randolph
et al 95PTC101, 96PTC121, Remand   Bobby Allred Randolph
14PTC0053   Community Outreach of Archdale Trinity Randolph
12PTC581   FLS Owner II, LLC Randolph
05PTC169   Jerry D. & Linda S. Neal Randolph
16PTC0362 2017 Jonathan N. Robbins Randolph
13PTC531   Norma Pierce Randolph
15PTC0453 2016 Penny S. Rowland Randolph
12PTC700   Ramtex Yarns & Fabric Randolph
14PTC0188 2015 Rock Solar Energy Plant LLC Randolph
06PTC258   Ross, Majorie Randolph
07PTC250   Speedway TBA, LLC Richmond
15PTC0050 2017 Mumford, P.F. Heirs Richmond
12PTC636   Warehouse Solutions LLC Richmond
07PTC993, 0rder-Summary Judgment   Pembroke Point LLC Robeson
10PTC881    Tom J. Keith & Assoc. Robeson
10PTC882   Tom J. Keith Robeson
et al 10PTC880   William B. Keith  Robeson
12PTC545   L & C Properties  Rockingham
15PTC0254 2017 Brandon D. Sechler Rowan
07PTC459   John & Judith Isenhour Rowan
07PTC501   John W. & Kathryn Strickland Rowan
10PTC901   NC Yadkin House Rowan
Court of Appeals: COA12630 10PTC901    NC Yadkin House, LLC Rowan
11PTC972   Rowan Museum, Inc. Rowan
07PTC893   Boyce Abernathy Rutherford
09PTC410   Carl and Patricia Jahrstorfer Rutherford
94PTC598, COA, Remand   Charles Owens & John Padgett dba Forest City  Rutherford
94PTC598, COA   Charles Owens & John Padgett dba Forest City  Rutherford
94PTC598, Remand   Charles Owens & John Padgett dba Forest City  Rutherford
94PTC598   Charles Owens & John Padgett dba Forest City  Rutherford
07PTC892   Duncan Edwards, revised Rutherford
08PTC234   Edwards, Duncan  Rutherford
07PTC732   James R. Proctor Rutherford
11PTC437   Jeffrey Whitlock Rutherford
09PTC411   John and Rachel Kasianowicz Rutherford
10PTC313   John C. Rev. Gallagher, Trust  Rutherford
07PTC711   Noble Family Trust  Rutherford
09PTC338   R. Marc & Andrea Greenway Rutherford
10PTC392   Robert B. and Shelley Richardson Hill Rutherford
08PTC230, 09PTC051, remand 07PTC1044   Roger Richard Rutherford
11PTC352   Ronald & Andrea Greenway Rutherford
08PTC266   Rutherford Aviation, LLC Rutherford
07PTC891   W. Henry Edwards Rutherford
09PTC104   Home Health & Hospice Sampson
Court of Appeals: COA111007 10PTC954   Joshua McLamb Sampson
Supreme Court: 10PTC954   Joshua McLamb Sampson
10PTC954   Joshua McLamb Sampson
87PTC17   Blue Investment Co.  Scotland
08PTC115   Red Bluff Properties  Scotland
11PTC086   Don S. Page  Stanly
12PTC658   Enforge LLC  Stanly
13PTC554   Joseph B. McManus Stanly
96PTC252   Carolina Medicorp, Inc. & Forsyth Memorial Hospital  Town of Yadkinville
10PTC488   C. Dale Harmon Transylvania
Trustee 09PTC715   Charles L. Reyner Transylvania
09PTC714   Charles S. Reyner Transylvania
09PTC725   Diran and June Seropian Transylvania
Court of Appeals: COA08316 06PTC200   Eagle's Nest Foundation Transylvania
06PTC200   Eagle's Nest Foundation  Transylvania
10PTC611   John & Patricia Stark Transylvania
10PTC489   LWFB, LLC  Transylvania
15PTC0140   Ronald W. Follmann Transylvania
09PTC780   Stephenson, Inc.  Transylvania
Court of Appeals: 10PTC638   Pace-Dowd Prop  Union
Supreme Court: 10PTC638   Pace-Dowd Prop Union
10PTC638   Pace-Dowd Prop Ltd.  Union
08PTC279   Scott Anderson Union
13PTC438   Steven F. Joy Union
06PTC119   Annie L. Williams Wake
13PTC535   Benet & Susan Bridgeman Wake
13PTC653   Celeste Broughton, Trustee Wake
Trustee, 10PTC655   Celeste G. Broughton Wake
08PTC310   Christopher & Marjorie Gurganus Lyerly Wake
08PTC529   Clarence & Margaret Davis Wake
10PTC147   Congregation Sha'Arei Shalom  Wake
11PTC307   Daniel L. Dupree Wake
08PTC090   Eastern NC Episcopal Dist. Wake
Court of Appeals: 08PTC526   John C. Brooks Wake
08PTC526   John C. Brooks Wake
08PTC338   John Harris Wake
11PTC976   Kun & Wenmin Liu Shen Wake
96PTC44   M.A. Perry  Wake
08PTC32   Marathon Holdings, LLC Wake
08PTC473   Marathon Holdings, LLC Wake
09PTC308   Marathon Holdings, LLC Wake
Court of Appeals: COA111592, 10PTC434, 11PTC028    Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics  Wake
10PTC434, 11PTC028   Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics  Wake
Supreme Court, 1961   Pine Raleigh Corp vs. Wake Co  Wake
92PTC58   R.W. Moore Equipment Co., Inc. Wake
13PTC328   Rescue Extrication Delivery Spec.  Wake
16PTC432 2017 Saadat Siddiqui Wake
Court of Appeals: COA081106 07PTC209   SAS Institute, Inc.  Wake
07PTC209   SAS Institute, Inc.  Wake
13PTC685, signature by rep   Schnitzer Family, LLC Wake
08PTC169   Sharifuzzaman, Abu Asad  Wake
10PTC345   Siddharth S. Jha Wake
09PTC783   Summitt,an Evangelical Covenant Church Wake
09PTC552   The Church Initiative, Inc.  Wake
09PTC322   Univ. of Oxford & Oxford Univ. Press  Wake
08PTC088   Urban Ministries of Wake County  Wake
16PTC0056 2017 William B. Shannon Wake
11PTC088   Wm. R. & Joanne Dudley  Wake
08PTC342   Wyche, Edward & Christine  Wake
11PTC333   Xing & Shijing Fang Li Wake
09PTC616   Keith Harry Carlson Warren
09PTC215   Matt D. III & Susan B. Nelson Warren
10PTC230   Max and Virginia Munichman Warren
11PTC943   Shore, J. Meade & Colleen B.  Warren
Supreme Court: 99PTC97   Maharishi Spiritual Center  Watauga
99PTC97   Maharishi Spiritual Center  Watauga
Court of Appeals: COA01644 99PTC97    Maharishi Spiritual Center Dissenting Opinion Watauga
Court of Appeals: 99PTC97   Maharishi Spiritual Center Watauga
13PTC493 pro se appearance of LLC   Richland Venture, LLC Watauga
09PTC105   Home Health and Hospice Care  Wayne
07PTC659   Dorman E. Ward Wilkes
09PTC828, 829, Remand   Louisiana Pacific Corp. Wilkes
Court of Appeals: COA10500, 09PTC828, 829   Louisiana Pacific Corp.  Wilkes
09PTC828, 09PTC829   Louisiana Pacific Corp. MTD,  Wilkes
Court of Appeals: 98PTC168   Morningstar Publications  Wilkes
Court of Appeals:  COA02660, 99PTC160   No. Wilkesboro Speedway  Wilkes
99PTC160   No. Wilkesboro Speedway Wilkes
14PTC0423 2016 DLP Wilson Medical Center, Inc. Wilson
09PTC186   Farriers Ridge Development  Wilson
08PTC241, 09PTC191-193, 295   Hull Story Gibson, Gioielli, H-S Wilson  Wilson
09PTC260   J C Rock Properties LLC  Wilson
08PTC269   Janet F. Muse Wilson
10PTC460, 11PTC246   Merck & Co, Sharpe & Sohme Wilson
08PTC270   Nancy Deans Flowers, Estate Wilson
06PTC179   Pridgen  Wilson
15PTC0178 2016 Ravenswood of Wilson, LLC Wilson
10PTC461   Washland of Wilson, LLC Wilson
11PTC274   Wilson MMR Ltd. Prtshp Wilson
Court of Appeals: COA111375, 09PTC240   Mt. Air & Settlers Edge Yancey
09PTC240   Mt. Air Country Club  Yancey
09PTC009, 09PTC241   Mt. Air Development Corp.  Yancey
09PTC009, 09PTC242   Settlers Edge Holding, Co.  Yancey