2011 PUV Seminar at Fall Conference

Below are the class outline and PowerPoint presentations for the upcoming seminar, scheduled for November 9-10 during the week of the NCAAO Conference.  The presentations have been recently updated to include legislative changes through 2011; most changes involve the chapters on ownership and annexation.

You will need to print all documents and bring them with you--no copies will be available at the seminar.  Please read the printing recommendations before beginning to print.

For the PowerPoints, we recommend printing three slides per page. You will need to open and print each PowerPoint individually. After opening a PowerPoint take these steps to print:  Click on File (or Office Button)--Print--Print What--Handouts--Slides Per Page--3--OK.  This will create the lines on the right of the page so that you may make notes.

Please also print a copy of the updated Program Guide, posted on the publications page of this website.  This document contains all of the examples from the PowerPoints, as well as all of the PUV forms that will be discussed throughout the seminar.  It is 200+ pages long, and is more manageable if printed on both sides of the paper (duplex printing).